Thursday, 12 April 2012

Random post is random

I rarely post on here, I keep saying I'll blog more... but I never do.

So much happening now. Last ever term of uni, looking for a car, looking for a job... looking to my future. Its scary its come around so fast.

I'm so stressed, I'll probably explode by the end of the term, the film I was working on at uni got dropped so now me and my group have to do a new project in like 6 weeks, I'm also going to help some other groups to build up my portfolio. It's a shame our film got dropped but we have another idea to go with and its much simpler.

Looking for jobs is getting depressing, I want to work with video games possibly the hardest industry to get into. I'm going to have to try being a runner for a long time and then I'm always on the look out for games testing jobs if I can, just gotta keep looking and hoping I find something.

In the mean time I guess I need to get work done and get ready for the degree show in June. Its going to be tough but I really need to push myself this term.

I hope I can do it...

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